sometimes i am amazed by my own klutziness

so i’m upstairs getting some ice cream (the only perk of being sick) and as i’m trying to open the tub, somehow i manage to pinch the palm-side of my pinky btwn the carton and the counter painfully.

i go downstairs an eat my ice cream at my desk. when done, i get up to take away the bowl and when i turned my office chair i managed to pinch the same pinky btwn the chair arm and the desk painfully and tearing the skin a little on the top side of the pinky.


paul and i went to wellstar this morning while mom watched lucas. i’m negative for strep throat, but my throat is inflamed or something and i have now completely lost my voice – lucky paul. i was given some kinda nasty tasting steroid pills to take over the week. *knock on wood* so far lucas has not caught my cold from me.


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