i have been commanded to make a new post. which i guess is a good thing since i see now that i havent posted in over a let’s see…from oct to november….

i heard about some Daisy girl scouts that needed a troop, so I began putting together a troop for them, plus did more recruiting for my brownies. I ended up with about 13 Daisies and now 12 total brownies ( I had 5). While putting together the Daisy troop I discovered they had plenty of willing leaders, they just didn’t know what to do. So now I am just mentoring the leaders in their doing the troop and won’t be doing the troop myself. I’m happy with this plan since I only signed up to do it in the first place since I didn’t want them to not have a troop. in addition, i am now the assistant cookie chair for the whole service unit…meaning this girl jennifer and i are in charge of ordering and distributing etc allll the cookies for alllll the troops in the acworth area. i also signed up to be the troop organizer for the service unit, which would mean i’d be doing what i did for the daisy troop…teaching new troops how to put their troops together and recruiting new girls and leaders. fun!

on 0ct 17, lauren, kristie, and i did our yearly apple day + yahoo farms trip in Ellijay, GA. This year we went to a new place called Hillcrest Orchards where you pick your own apples off the trees (you pay to do this, so in a way, you are paying them to do their work for them :P) then we went to the petting zoo which was soo much fun playing with all the animals. i wanna get some mini goats like that for my yard.  after Hillcrest we went to Yahoo farms for the corn maze and haunted hay ride. on the hay ride, the skeleton guy kissed lauren lol!

on oct 26, i went to see the movie surrogates with lauren, jake, john, and jenn. we also ate at Outback where Jenn and I got the Wallaby Darn or Down or whatever they’re called – champagne and peach schnapps and some other stuff. soo yum. they messed up jenn’s meal so we also got a free dessert .

oct 31st was Lucas’s first Halloween. He and I went to mom’s house and hung out with mom and Ron and passed out candy. He went as a monkey because that’s what i call him – monkey baby.

nov 7th was laurens bday, but she is lame and didnt want to do anything for it. in the morning i had a girl scout field trip to the booth western art museum where they had a Colors and Shapes try-it workshop. it was a lot of fun – especially when we made stamps and created an aqua-scape with the stamps. after the trip Madison and I went to pick up the fall product sale nuts and chocolates and then i took her home – her neighborhood is gorgeous – i wanna live there!!

on sunday the 8th paul and i had brunch with matt at ocharleys, and then that evening i went to my first scrapbooking club meeting. we made a 2 pg christmas layout that is soo cute. i had a lot of fun and am going back again today. the club is just a group of women here in acworth that get together a couple of times a month to scrap (i love making up my own verbs for this…i like to be scrappy!). today was lucas’s 6 month birthday!

nov 10th i had a girl scout leader meeting. jennifer pope and i did the cookie training for the cookie moms in the service unit. i got a few boxes of the new cranberry cookie. they are soo yummy i ate one box in a sitting.

nov 11th was a girl scout meeting where we did the Me and My Shadow tryit. weds was such a hectic day. lucas didnt sleep all day so i was behind getting my stuff together for the meeting (and it was a LOT to get together). plus paul’s meeting ran late so i had to bring lucas to the meeting with me and he was crying the whole time since he was so very tired. it was a fun meeting, but the day was really exhausting and stressy, especially since all i really had all day was a bunch of coke which did NOT help.

yesterday was lucas’s 6 month check-up. he got his immunization shots and a flu shot. his new numbers are: 17.5″ head circumference, 27.5 inches long, and 18 lbs 14oz weight. not really much to say about the appt since he is doing well.he sits up now in what paul calls tripod style – he puts an arm in front of him to support himself. he loves to make high pitched shrieks like a bird and low growly noises like a dinosaur. he rolls allll over the crib when he sleeps. if laying on his belly he can puch himself up with his arms, but he hasnt figured out to pull his legs up under him at the same time to be in crawling position. i think we should be giving him more tummy time. he drools like crazy and you can nearly see his first tooth. if you run your finger over the top of his gums you can feel the sharp edge of the top of the tooth. one day he started a nonstop babble of sounds ba-da-da type noises. it was soo funny.

this afternoon im going to the scrapbooking club to learn about the new digital scrapbooking program. if i like it im going to ask for it for xmas.


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