trying to stay positive

#1 the house is ours!! so apparently pauls dad had added his name to the deed at some point, so when he died it defaulted to paul 100% ownership. we discovered this when we got billed for our yearly taxes 🙂 this was insanely awesome news cause i’ve always been frustrated (esp lately) that we live in a house we won’t own (pauls mom’s answer to that “why do you need to own it now, you’ll get everything when i die” – yah when lucas is graduating college!!), can’t afford to move right now, and are stuck paying to fix things in a house we didn’t own. but now that we know we DO own it, everything changes. this made my day (originally)

#2 today i took the brownies ice skating. i had a lot of fun. mckenzie has cerebal palsy (sp?) and doesnt use her left leg well so managing to skate (she’s never roller or ice skated before) was a big deal for her. it was fun to watch her go from so frustrated about not being able to do it (duh, it’s your first time ever) in the beginning to being able to do it and having fun. the other girls i think had fun, too, altho they mostly wizzed by me. apparently i can no longer skate.

#3 as i was leaving the rink lisa called and needed me to pick up michael from day care cause she was running 30 mins late. then the 3 of us went to ocharleys for dinner and a drink. i had a lot of fun hanging out with lisa (and the cotton candy martini was yum – lol which i accidentally mis-texted to steph as bottom candy – ewww).

#4 so then i talk to dad tonight. today he had a “meeting” with the aunts who have suddenly decided that they want to be involved in all this. i couldn’t make the meeting because i was at the rink, and while i’d like to think i’d speak up and have voiced my opinion, i probably would have chickened out had i actually been there. anyhow a bunch of stuff was decided and now i basically feel like the whole project (which i was nearly entirely doing with dad) has been taken away from me. dad still offered to let me deal with the war stuff as originally planned, but i guess it’s just not the same. i was having so much fun working on a big project, getting out of the house, and helping and stuff. i had visions of actually voluntarily visiting my grandmother to talk to her about some of the items and learn about her past. then today i am suddenly reminded that oh yah, I HATE THAT SIDE OF THE FAMILY.

so talk about a buzz kill. i was having such a fabulous, fun day and now i’m so upset and pissy and hurt.


2 thoughts on “trying to stay positive

  1. #1: YAY! GRATS!! So is paul’s mom not on the deed at all/no control anymore? That’s awesome! So i guess that means you’re not moving to Canton 😦 What are you gonna fix up and are you going to stay there long term? (i dont know why i ask since that changes every 10 seconds)

    #2: I didn’t know McKenzie had CP! Isn’t she one of the girls that went to Cagle’s last year that i met? Ooh…that reminds me i need to plan a trip to Cagle’s this year.

    #4: That really sucks, i’m so sorry. Why do they all of a sudden want to be involved? Why did your dad let them take over? 😡

  2. #1 nope his mom is not on at all – it is alll ours. we are still eventually going to move, but first we will stay a year or two and fix this one up to sellable condition and wait until the market is better. as for fixing up i dont know cause there is sooo much i want to do i’ll have to come up with a plan. on top of that the house actually needs structural repairs first but i hate spending money on the stuff i dont look at every day.

    #2i didnt know either until at the rink her mom was so excited that she could skate and was saying how when she was born they said she wouldnt live. i almost started crying when she was telling me the story. yes mckenzie was on the cagle trip.

    #4 who knows why they suddenly decided to care. and cause dad is a push over like me(and he probably doesn’t care a ton either way).

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