Yesterday while doing “tummy time” we noticed lucas was really pulling his chest and not just his head pretty high off the ground. he was propped up on his arms with half his torso in the air. i think that’s one of the precurser steps to eventually crawling. He also rolls himself over a lot. I have to really hold on to him when holding him now or he’ll suddenly try to flip out of my lap. When on his back he wiggles himself around so he ends up in a different location…usally 90 degrees from where he was.

we are working on teaching his name. you do this by saying his name frequently when talking directly to him. like “are you ready for you bottle now, Lucas?”

yesterday he also started blowing raspberries 😛

we have an appt on friday with Dr Scott to check into the way he holds his head.

i have ice skating today with the girl scouts. im really excited about going skating, but im also really tired this morning and just want to sleeeeeeep.


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  1. It must be *really* frustrating being a baby and not being able to do anything you want to do. That must be why they cry so much. What do you mean “check into the way he holds his head”? Is he doing it wrong?

  2. yah i agree. i think it must be awful to not be able to do anything yourself, nor communicate to others what you need to do it for you. the doctor noticed at his appointment that when he is laying down he always has his head cocked to the left instead of laying straight. he seems to keep it straight when hes sitting up and holding up his head tho.

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