3 months

I fail. I havent posted anything in quite awhile. Well Lucas is 3 months old now (has been for a couple of weeks). He is awake and more alert more often. He can hold his head up without bobble-heading wobbles, he drools more than Ashton, he makes funny little gurgle sounds sometimes, and today he got his first hair cut (no more 80’s style mullet going on). I just trimmed it myself on the back and over his ears. I try to keep his nails trimmed, but they grow insanely fast. Today we put him in the baby einstein activity center. he can’t sit up yet, but he just leaned against the front of it and played with the toys. he was amused by it for quite awhile before he got fussy. He likes to stare at his hands and tries to reach for stuff…and once he gets it in his grip, good luck getting your hair or your necklace or whatever it is back out again. All the animals are still completely uninterested/oblivious to him. He looks at them occasionally if they are right near by, but they don’t hold his attention the way people do. If paul or i speak, he’ll turn to look at us. He’s a Squeezable Lovable Kissable Hugable Pullable Tugable Man.


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