I realized on the way to work…

That I told Ally’s Mom to just go ahead and don’t be afraid to wake her up at 12:30 PM when she had to leave. Really? Did I say that to her Mom? I didn’t mean for that to sound as stupid as it did. I’m pretty sure that Ally’s Mom can wake Ally up whenever she pleases. Of course, I’m sure she’ll get the same reaction that I would get but as her Mom she gets that privilege.

Also, thanks for being the Bestest Aunt (Grandma) to Lucas and watching Drooly McDroolPants.

And last but not least — http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D99ECQSG0&show_article=1 — for when I ship Jasmine to Siberia then I at least know she will travel in style.


One thought on “I realized on the way to work…

  1. I never gave what you said another thought, and never thought it stupid. It is my pleasure to take care of Drooly McDroolPants.

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