Going back to work is blah…

Just as an aside, my birthday was Monday – May 25th.  Today when I got to work a bunch of Director level managers sent me (automated) emails wishing me a Happy Birthday.

If the people at the Director level of my company have nothing better to do then to write little automated birthday email scripts then I’d like to have their jobs or I believe we could do a little downsizing…

Through some unfound Herculean force of will, I was actually able to be nice to my co-workers this morning.  But nobody decide to poke me with the proverbial stick either, they were (stupidly) happy to see me back.  I was trying to be well-behaved but I’m glad people aren’t wanting to talk to me though.

So Ally didn’t let me fully go through with my plan of having Lucas all night but I did take the early, early morning shift from 4:30ish (I really have to clue) to 8:30 am then I headed off to work.  About 5:30 am, he decided he was hungry and then I fed him a couple of ounces.  After burping him and changing the diaper, he started doing the fussy, funky chicken dance and I gave him another ounce of food.  Burped him again, and then he did the less spastic version of the dance (which I guess means, I’m still hungry but I don’t need too much more) and gave him whatever was left at the bottom of the bottle.

After that I swaddled him fairly tightly (no Hulkamania with busting his arms out) and told him that I’d never even consider buying him a car if he didn’t fall asleep.  Turned the swing to the  “OH MY GOD, HOLD ON!” setting and he went to sleep.  I fairly certain the (empty) threat worked and Lucas wanted a car.

He woke up about 7:45ish after that so then we did the whole thing over again – diaper change, feeding, funky chicken (while grimicing) dance, little more food, and then satisfied.  Of course, it was about 8:30 or so before I got all this completed.  I swaddled him up and laid him in the pack ‘n play near Ally upstairs and got ready for work.

Kissed Ally and Abby (in that order, Ally doesn’t like dog slobber).  And waved bye to Baby Lucas (as to not disturb sleepage).  Now I’m in the cubicle farm slaving away to bring you this blog post (oops, I probably should be fixing David’s crappy code right now).


3 thoughts on “Going back to work is blah…

  1. Holy crap how are you even functioning? Did you come home and crash? I’m completely exhausted from my 13 hour day and it’s making my head hurt just thinking about trying to do a schedule like that. Did Ally slap you when you woke her up? 😛

  2. Actually I got overtired and didn’t go to sleep at all until 3am and woke up at 7am and went to work. When I got home I then took a nap from 6pm – 9pm and then went to sleep at 1am and woke up at 5am (take care of Lucas) then I slept from 6am to 9am (when the cleaners showed up.

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