Friday May 8…the night before

the movie ended at 12:45 am and i had been having sharper pains towards the end of it. when i went up to go to the bathroom at 12:30 am i had my bloody show. the book said that it could still be days until anything really happened, but for me once i had that i was having the really bad cramps a lot. i used pauls little iphone application to time the contractions and they were about 5-7 mins apart. because im always unsure about everything and cause i wasnt expecting there to be any real labor when id just been checked and been at 0 cm, i was unsure about my timings.  plus i was so sleepy i didnt want us to get up and pack everything to go to the hospital just to get sent back home. finally as the pain was increasing and was fairly regular i woke up paul and told him i was hurting and didnt know what to do. in a half asleep state he told me to keep timing and go call the doctor. i waited a few mins to get some better calculations ( i dozed a little in the 2-3am hour) and then called. dr dyar called me back liek 5 mins later (4am) anmd suggested i take a hot bath for an hour. he said if it wasnt labor the pains would slow down and if it was real theyd speed up. so from 4 to 430 i sat in the tub now they were coming about 3-5 mins apart and the pain was intense. sorta like when i had endometriosis cramps but a little worse. not bad enuf to make me cry, but bad enuf that i really wanted some medicine.

at 430 i got out of the tub and told paul i wanted to go to the hospital. wearily he got up and started getting ready while i packed last minute stuff in the suitcase. twds the end i had to have paul finish stuff (like feed the fish) cuz i was hurting and had to sit down. on the way to the hospital i sent mom a text at 545 telling her that i was going to the hospital. i knew shed be getting up for school anyhow so i wouldnt wake her, but i didnt msg other people yet since it was so early. paul said its a good thing we left when we did cause much longer and thered have been the morning traffic on 75. when we got to the hospital they did some paperwork and gave me wristbands and then sent me to triage at about 7am which is basically a room with a bed where they check you and get you ready. they gave me my IV and did a quick ultrasound to confirm he was head down. when the nurse checked me it was incredibly painful. at that point i did want to cry. something about my cervix being way in the back that she couldnt reach it and kept having to stick her hand further up there. she gave up and waited for the doc. Dr Little came in shortly after and checked me … this time it hurt a little less and said that i was 3cm dilated and 80% effaced. yay, i was being admitted and not being sent home.



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