Thursday May 7

i woke up at 6:55am with a bad cramp. it felt like intestinal cramping when you get diarrhea but i didnt go. since i was now 2 days past due i was hoping it might be contractions but i wasnt really sure. i went back to sleep. at 7:21am i woke up with the cramp again. this time i did go to the bathroom but was also having menstrual-like cramps but i went back to sleep. at 7:58 it happened again and im really trying to figure out if these are 30 min apart contractions or not so im timing them. they came again at 8:10, 8:21, 8:58, 9:27, 10:02, etc. i was really hoping i was having contractions but wasnt really sure. i was already scheduled for my regular doc appt at 2:45pm with dr dyar so i decided to wait and see how things went.

when i got to the doc, he checked me and said i was still completely closed. i was really disappointed. i asked him about the cramps and he said that they were contractions but they were just little ones not big enuf to open me. basically it looked like i wouldnt be going into labor anytime soon. we made an appt for me to go to the hospital monday night with the plan to be induced tues morning.

after the doc, i went to my moms and we went to a movie. then when i got home paul and i went to the grocery store. id been having the menstrual-type cramps all day with the bigger pains here and there but was still up and about. at the end of the grocery store i wasnt feeling well and went to sit in the car while paul checked out. at home we laid around watching tv and then a movie xXx.



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