Since you were asking about stuff going on, i figured i’d list my current stage of symptoms.

mostly im just uncomfortable most of the time. it feels like after youve eaten at melting pot and your stomach is heavy. it’s esp bad when im laying down – i dont like the exrta weight bearing down on me. i cant have the cats lie on me at all cause i cant handle the additional weight.

rolling over when laying in bed can be a real bitch. anything that involves using the abdominal muscles is difficult. it hurts if im in a sitting position and hafta pick something up off the floor (basically bending myself in half) but its not so much a problem if im standing.

for awhile i would wake up or have trouble falling asleep cause of leg pain. not like muscle cramp, just like the muscle really needed to be stretched out and midstretch would relieve it but once i stopped the stretch it would still hurt. that for the most part seems to be going away the past week or so.

i get winded walking up a flight of stairs and going from basement to bedroom sucks.

i still hafta burp like allll the time and i get hungry all the time. its weird cause i go from fine to starving really quickly without a lot of build up. i hafta eat about every two hours and i pee about every two hours. occasionally i get heartburn.

on the bright side, i have not gotten the following symptoms that can be common: constipation, hemorrhoids, or swelling.


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