other pregnancy stuff

i went to Born Again Blessings at the civic center this weekend where they had a massive 2nd hand baby sale. i bought: a high chair, play mat, activity center (like a walker sorta), an electric swing, a diaper bag, a bath tub, a front baby carrier, a lamp, baby monitor, heartbeat monitor/speaker thingy, and a diaper pail. total cost $166. total savings $377.

lucas is still kicking up a storm. ive started doing kick counts monitoring where you check the time, count to ten kicks and record the time again. when i first wake up it can take 25 mins but at like 2am last night i got to ten in 2 mins. three times now he’s kicked me in way that was borderline hurting but usually it feels like the way it feels when you get an involuntary muscle twitch.

on my baby boards, 3 babies have been born so far :/

at my 26 week doc appt i passed my glucose test and got my rogham shot (for being Rh negative). aside from that all my other appointments are like a 10 min thing where they check weight, blood pressure, pee in a cup, donate a drop or a vial of blood, and then the doc checks the heartbeat and measures belly size. im going in every 2 weeks right now, but i think at some point next month i hafta start going in weekly (starting at 36 weeks maybe?)


One thought on “other pregnancy stuff

  1. What are you doing about a “mommy” car? You said something awhile ago about getting a truck but you haven’t said anything recently.

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