Kittens Day 1 PM

Last night around 6pm Sunshine went into labor again. She kept trying to push something out of her, but couldnt seem to get it out. She left her kittens and crawled under the bed, panting and crying. I felt so badly for her. Labor is only sposed to last like 15 mins and she was in labor for like an hour by the time we got her to the emergency room. She finally passed a stillborn kitten on the ride down there. I knew there was no way it could be a live kitten since it didnt come until like 6+ hours after the rest and since the labor was so long, but i was still so sad to see the little dead kitten. i have no idea at what point it would have died or why she didnt have it when she had the rest. poor little kitten that never even made it out 😦

sunshine and the other 5 kittens are all still doing very well. its kinda early to tell if they are boys or girls, but taking a stab at it, the vet thinks that they are: black – male, grey tabby – male, and then the brown tabby and solid grey ones are females. we could be totally wrong tho since theyre only a day old 🙂


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