Kittens Day 1

the kittens were born today!! she had 5!!! i had no idea she was about to have them cause she was acting pretty normal yesterday, and then this morning when i went in to feed her/check on her, etc i heard this small sound from the room and i opened the door and she was laying there with a bunch of kittens! we caught the very last one being born and it had just come out and was still in its little sac. sunshine seemed kinda overwhelmed with the first 4 and wasnt attending to it right away so paul broke the sac so it could breath. then she wasnt breaking the umbilical cord so i was worried about that but she eventually got to it.

when they first came out, they all looked wet and black so i thought they were all going to be solid black 😦 but as they dried and their fur fluffed up it turns out that 3 are long-haired greys, a brown and black tabby, and a solid black one. it was neat to watch them go from tiny wet black blobs to looking more like fluffy kittens. they were crawlin all over each other and being darned cute!

ive added a bunch of pix to my album, so check them out, and there will be tons more to come!


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