9 Days Left

friday night after work i went with craig, james, james’s roomie dean, his friend alison, yvey, and martin to motion for happy hour. then at 7 i went home and martin and ben picked up mayoor, emily, and me to go see Team America. The theatre was in Greenwich and was kinda neat. there we met up with shane and nigel. the movie was pretty funny. trey parker and matt stone (south park) were the ones that did it, so you can imagine what kinda humour it was. they all went back to wanstead afterwards, but i was so tired so i went home and went to bed. the next morning they went to the pub to watch the liverpool vs manchester match. not really my cup of tea so i spent the day at Harrods looking around and then went to the mall at Stratford to buy some tops. I got home just in time to get ready real fast and go out with everybody to a pub then a club in covent garden. it was for a friend of a friend of a friends bday (meaning id never met the girl). we had a blast. it was kristie and me, mayoor, martin, ben, nigel, and one of bens friends named adam. we met up with emily (who had been out speed dating with canadian laura) and all took the tube home together.
sunday kristie and i slept in and then went to micks (little cafe) for breakfast. micks is great – its like getting up and going to waffle house or something. the guys that work there know us and are super nice. afterwards we went to the grocery store. we also picked up some feather mattresses to sleep on so we wont have spring poking us in the backs anymore. i dunno how we’re gonna get all this stuff home.
for dinner we met up with mayoor, emily, martin, nigel, rod, and american laura for sunday night curry. afterwards emily came over and hung out.

thats about it for the weekend.


5 thoughts on “9 Days Left

  1. Ditto Paul. Is it that thing where you talk to a person for 5 minutes and they ding a bell and you go on to the next person? And i thought Emily was dating Martin?!

  2. yeah speed dating is like musical chairs. you sit there and you get only a few mins to talk to a guy, then the bell dings and everyone changes tables and you talk to someone else. she was, but they broke up a few weeks ago…sometime b4 xmas

  3. I was suppose to go with them, but I didn’t get a ticket in time. It was sold out by the time I tried. They had a lot of fun doing it and we’re going to go another time!

  4. Kristie, you and Em should go speed dating.You get, 60 secs (sometimes longer) to decide who you like…and lets face it, half the time you don’t even need that. Nothing else, you could have a weeks worth of funny stories to tell, and I’m all about hearing some good stories!

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