I am in an ecstatically (sp?) great mood today! i have no idea why, nothing particularly exciting has happened. maybe its a combo of all the little things. yesterday the cable guy came and we finally have not only our internet back, but now have cable tv as well. on top of that, las vegas was on. it was the first ep from this current season. i had seen that one right b4 i left for europe, but hopefully now each week ill be able to see the other new eps! today is the first day i havent felt sick. still congestion, but i feel great (despite going to bed at 1am last night 😛 ). i burned a cd with songs for me, inge, and james and we listened to it at work today. its really pretty out today too. sunny blue and not too cold. logically i know its no where near spring time, but i can pretend for a day. prob helps that its friday too. so yeah im positively giddy today.


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