i get a ring, he gets a bike

yesterday sucked. i went to the bank in the morning to get my PIN # so i could access my account, waited forever and then they said that it hadnt even arrived yet. district line was down and it was taking literally over ten mins/stop so i got off at westminster and decided to walk to work. the walk was pretty nice cause it took me from big ben past westminster past st james park. work SUCKED. weve been moved all around and im in the crappiest spot. then i went home and had a fight with paul.

today was only a little better. work wasnt as bad, and there wasnt the whole bank/tube issue. then i had another (small) fight with paul. actually it wasnt another fight, it was a carry over of the same issue from the day before. its all resolved now. no dinner with the friends this week – it got cancelled.

paul passed his motorcycle exam. hes looking at crotch rockets on ebay. i get a ring, he gets a bike. cept he hasta pay for both so it only kinda comes out even. i reaaalllllyyy want my ring. 15 days until he comes.


3 thoughts on “i get a ring, he gets a bike

  1. who is Paul? Are you talking about an engagement ring when all you do is fight? Careful gal–we don’t want antmore divorces! Love

  2. It wasn’t a fight. It was more of a disagreement about how chaos theory applies to the string theory and quantum singularity. You know how crazy Ally is always poo-pooing the chaos theory.

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