the walk was as fun as the clubbing

Last night Kristie’s work had a party at their sister clubs, Wax and Babble in Oxford Circus. Kristie, me, Emily, and Rod went. the three of them went at 8:30 and i met up with them later around 10. it was fun to get dressed up and go to a club, esp since Kristie and I had new club shirts that we had bought and have been dying to wear out for like a month now. we stayed too late to take the tube back, so rod walked us to trafalgar square to cathc the night bus home. the walk was really enjoyable (altho a little cold) cause we went through so many areas of london to get there. i had no idea how close everything is above ground. in about a 15 min walk we went from Oxford Circus, through Piccadilly Circus, through Leicester Square, to Trafalgar Square, then just one street over from that where our bus was, was The Strand (where we saw Chicago). and i already knew from last weekend that trafalgar square is just a very short walk from where i work (as is westminster). it was around 130 am and there were still lots of people out and lights were on everywhere and those are the really neat places in london and so the walk was as fun as the clubbing part.