I’ve been on a productivity kick this week. Cleaning (and keeping clean), organizing, and following through on Pinterest pins.

I made a This Week folder and moved ten pins that I wanted to accomplish this week.



I tried making a magnet holder for my fridge using some magnets I had in my craft supplies and a drawer organizer I bought for .50 at the dollar store. The magnets weren’t strong enough to hold it (is there a way to measure a magnet’s strength?) so that was a bust.


I organized 2.5 drawers from the scrapbook room that were full of old cards (ok so really I should throw them away but I’m not there yet) and misc stuff. I made folder pockets and sorted them by year. I also got binders and sorted through all the kids’ papers I’ve kept to make binder scrapbooks.
Memory Binders


On a shopping trip to Target I impulse purchased two Frozen tote bags from the $1 spot. I have zero need for these tote bags as I already have tons, but they were Frozen and Only $1. So I had an idea to turn them into storage tote bins instead. I cut a cardboard sheet from a shipping box to fit into the bottom. Then I cut little strips and stapled them to the top rim to hold the, open. I might come up with a better solution than the staples for long-term, (I have some cute brads perhaps) but the staples worked for a quick and easy.

IMG_0237  IMG_0238

Did you know you are supposed to wash your washing machine? Never occurred to me until I came across a How To pin on Pinterest. Our machine is around 30 years old and probably was never washed in all that time. It had nasty soap scum gunked up everywhere, but it was one of those things you don’t really notice or think about. I was really impressed with how much nicer it looked and how easy it was to scrub off the gunk with a toothbrush once I’d gotten the hot bleach soaking.
How to Clean the Washing Machine