So Last Week

Tuesday: up at 9am, swim lesson w/ Ali 10-11, grabbed lunch and headed to Cumming for a water playdate with Erin & kids, came home to pick up Allison and headed to Acworth for working in the record store and then dinner at The Old Mill (which I apparently missed seeing Kristie there by about 10 mins), didn’t get back home until almost 8pm, fell asleep at 11:30pm

Wednesday: up at 9:30 to go to the doctor, home for 45 mins, then took kids to Acworth for Lucas’s doc checkup, then lunch at a new restaurant, then got haircuts for the kids and worked at the record store, followed by dinner with Kristie, didn’t get back until 9:30, about to fall asleep sitting here

Thursday: up at 9am, swim lesson w/ Ali 10-11, grabbed lunch leftovers at home, headed to Acworth w/ Ali to work on the record store, ending with fooood

I was going to type a bunch more than this but never did so this is all you get, Diary