We did a few crafts this rainy Saturday afternoon. I really love doing crafts with the kids…just usually they don’t listen and don’t wait and then get upset when their stuff is messed up.┬áThe kids were really well behaved today and I didn’t lose patience with them (barely at all). If crafts keep going this well, I might start doing them more often.

Project 1, painted circles:

And here are their versions:

Project 2, Father’s Day cards:

This was Lucas and Arianna’s idea. Arianna wanted to paint handprints, Lucas suggested making cards for Daddy, and then I found the saying on Pinterest. Lucas got out the cardstock (I folded) and then he and Arianna painted each other’s hands and made the cards. It was almost an entirely self-done project. Big kids rock!

2016-05-21 18.39.32

Project 3, Rainbow Slime:

This stuff was awesome. Easy to make and so squishy. I had the supplies on hand from back whenever I first pinned these projects.


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