Display shelf makeover — Project 2

Nov 17, 2014

As part of my home clear out, clean out, and organize spree (is it a spree if I’m only on my second project– granted the first one was a doozy?), I turned to Pinterest to read up on the proper way to arrange my shelves. Mine were crammed and blah. I had everything of the same type on the shelves together so no piece was noticeable. Everything was the same height across the shelf so there was no visual interest.

shelves before


I did some research from Life’s Instruction Manual –Pinterest, and found these two pages helpful: How to Style a Shelf Like a Boss and Analysis of a Well-Styled Bookcase

To mix up the dragon and fairy collections, I finally opened the massive box of framed photos from the move three years ago. This turned into an all afternoon project getting everything sorted, dusted, and re-arranged, but I am pleased with the results.

shelves after


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