1st Day of Kindergarten!


He says it was great!

From my Facebook Sunday night:
At bedtime the night before, Lucas brings up for the first time that he is scared of going to school tomorrow because he is scared that the other kids won’t like him or be his friend.

Now I’m totally stressed and worried about him. Not about his fears because I know those aren’t founded at all, but about him being anxious going to school. I too much know where he is coming from and i just wish he had my perspective to know that that particular worry will never happen for him.

I ended up laying in bed with him for an hour talking about school tomorrow and still didn’t feel the issue was resolved but it was too late to do anything about it.


I drove him to school this morning and walked him to class. I could tell he was nervous because we saw Josh in the hall as we were heading in and Lucas would barely talk to him. But then we got to the classroom and when he walked in his friend Isaac from church said, “hey Lucas!” and Lucas ran right over to his seat and started working on the coloring sheet there.

2014-08-04 07.38.43

He definitely is sensitive to what other kids will think of him. Since the end of last year he worried about if his clothes were cool, because some punk kid in his class I suppose would say stuff. I had to constantly tell him that some 5-year-old kid didn’t know what was and wasn’t cool. Well, today he didn’t want me to take his picture in front of the other kids or give him a hug goodbye. Uggghhh how dare he be too old for hugs.

Arianna had gymnastics in the morning, then we both took a nap, and finally it was time for the school bus to bring Lucas home. I was surprised how anxious I was waiting for him to get off the bus. But there he was and he said his day was great!

2014-08-04 10.29.58

On the way to his gymnastics class I asked him all about his day. He told me more than usual, but I still didn’t get much detail. He said recess was short and so was lunch because there were a lot of kids to all eat at once. He said he was good and lay down on his mat and didn’t get up at rest time, but of course he didn’t sleep (and who knows how much he jabbered). They did circle time and read a book and did a chart about how everyone was feeling about being in Kindergarten– happy, sad, scared, excited. He said he picked happy. They went to another class for “technology” where he said they played Starfall on the computers. Landon is in that class with him (yay) but they were busy and they didn’t get to spend any time together. America, a girl in his preschool class last year, is in his class. She told him she had special powers and he asked me if that was real or if she was lying. I said it depends on what she considers to be her ” special powers” but that she was probably pretending.

I asked him if he liked riding the bus home and he said, “no, I loved it!” He said the kids lined up and held hands and walked to all the buses and each kid got on a different bus. None of the kids from his class were on his bus. He said he sat in the front seat. He told me the bus driver asked him which stop was his stop and he told her, “at my house.” When I asked him how he knew when to get off the bus he said he saw his house (the bus stop is in front of our house).


After gymnastics he and I went to Sweet Escapes, the local ice cream shop down the road, and got ice cream for a first day treat. When we got home, Landon and Jillian came over and played in the backyard until dinner time.

Our day was busy and exhausting, but it went well and he now seems to have no qualms about going tomorrow. Yay!


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