We got this new campaign from BzzAgent in the mail today. Lucas was SO excited when we opened the box and saw that they had fun character tops for the fruit drinks. Our package came with Thomas, Scooby, and Snow White, but I see on their website there are a TON of characters and are all the really super popular ones. AND they had Hello Kitty, so yeah, I’m totally going to be getting these drinks for me, too. Since there are so many tops, there is a fun collectors aspect to it, too.

The ones we got to try were apple juice and fruit medley. Apple juice is apple juice, but the fruit medley is soo yum! And these are really healthy drinks, too, so I don’t feel at all guilty giving them to them. They come in 4, 6, and 8 oz bottles so you can match the amount your kids typically drink (although in Lucas’s case I would need them to come in gallon size).

You don’t have to buy the character top every time; they’re reusable. You pick out a character top single serve, and then buy refill 6 packs of the juices for the same price and capri suns, etc (but healthier than capri sun).

I used to get the mini apple juice bottles to carry around in the diaper bag, but I’m definitely switching to these!


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