Product Testing and Surveys

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I was giving it a go on some product testing sites.

Previously, I have tried some survey sites, but they just annoyed me. I had signed up for an account at a long time ago (on my junk email account of course) and messed with it the day I signed up, but it was a pain to use so I never went back to it. I didn’t like that one because it matched you with all kinds of survey sites and trials, but it just linked you their sites, so I was having to answer basic survey questions over and over to see if I qualified for each thing. This is different than the Smiley360 and others Lauren had me sign up that bothers to remember your basic info — such as age — instead of making you tell a/s/l every survey!

Since then I have signed up for House Party, Smiley360 and BzzAgent. The thing about all three of these sites is they want you to do stuff online (message on FB, twitter, etc) to show how much you want to join a “campaign” (product test). “We reward our most active and influential BzzAgents with access to even more campaigns.” So you spend all this time reading about the campaign and trying to talk about it in all these online venues, just to not get selected. On BzzAgent I can see some of the campaigns going on, but I can’t apply to join – just be selected by them. So there is this awesome music player one going on that I can’t say to them “hey that would be PERFECT for my household.” On Smiley360 the only thing I’ve been offered is cold medicine (which okay we are a prime target study for that considering we are sick at least every-other week).

There are still 4 more websites that Lauren posted about for me to try.

I really hope my experience with these sites improves, or I’m going to lose interest in this whole product testing thing pretty quickly. (Altho Lauren said it took her a month to be selected for anything and it’s only been a week…I just don’t have any patience).


PS – “Homemaker” is a stupid term.


One thought on “Product Testing and Surveys

  1. Ok so bad news first: You DO have to select your age, sex and race for every survey you get paid for (Opinion Outpost, Global Test Market, etc). Good news: If you signed up for Bzzagent and smiley you don’t have to do anything after the initial surveys. You just wait until you get an email saying “Join this campaign!” and then you decide if you want the product or not. It isn’t like House Party where you have to talk everything up before you even have it, i hate that. I would occasionally log in and see if they have any more short questions for you (to see if you would be a good fit for an upcoming product) but 90% of the time they don’t and you just wait for an email.

    The downside to the product-only sites is that waiting is boring. That’s why i do the survey sites, too. A lot of them ARE boring, but i get money and have also been sent several products. I’ve gotten $185 and at least that much in products as well.

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