mar 17

I’m going to need a genealogy chart to keep track of Once Upon a Time

I love how on cougar town they take a vaca to target. i had a target vaca today

I’m watching this commercial of these cars racing through blood vessels, but all i can think of is sperm racing through to an egg

mar 19

it makes me so frustrated that dishes have to be washed every day

Lucas is singing a song that goes, “who loves cookies? i love cookies?”

Lucas said I’m not a leprechaun “you’re my mommy and i love you”

mar 21

i discovered today that Arianna can drink out of a straw.  i was trying to shop at target and Arianna was being pissy about everything and then smacked a cup of milk out of my hand that spilled all over the cart and she kept yelling at me and ruined my shopping trip. so now im making myself feel better by shopping online

mar 23

i hate when i read/see something that is touching or heartbreaking involving children and i just get this huge to go scoop up one of my kids and hug them so tightly, but they are fast asleep and i can’t disturb them over my hormones.

i also hate when my cat pees right up against the side of the litterbox so that i have to scrape it off instead of easily scoop it out.

my little sister is 29 years old today. when did we get so old?

today mom took Lucas to a bounce house all day so it was just Ari and me. one kid at a time is soo much easier. then mom went home and we went to Johnny’s Pizza w/ the Boltons. then they came back to our house and we dyed Easter eggs. it was a great day. i hope tomorrow is as good and it doesn’t rain out all our activities. the past two days have been so busy and I’m left so exhausted that i feel like it should be Sunday night instead of only saturday. i really really don’t know how single moms do it.

i gave my baby french fries b/c she could self feed ’em and I was too lazy to make her real food. I also just gave her the mushrooms off my pizza b/c ‘shrooms are gross

mar 29

lucas loves taking pictures. he uses my camera, our phones, and his toy camera. when he takes your picture he tells you, “say burger cheese!”

every.single.time i use the kitchen sink sprayer, i get water all over the cabinets and myself

Arianna had her 12 month appt today (a month late) and is a little anemic. she has to take some iron pills and we need to cut back on how much milk she drinks. he didnt act like it was a huge deal. she was a 9.7 anf the minumum # was 10 so i guess not too bad

so lucas comes in and told me something is wrong. i asked him what and he said ther ewas something wet and brown on the floor. i go to see and he shows me a brown spot on the carpet. apparently one of his easter eggs had escaped our notice and still had a Kiss in it. Ari found it, put it in her mouth, discovered chocolate for the first time and nommed it until shed sucked all the chocolate out of the wrappers, getting slobbery chocolate drool on the floor and all over her face

mar 30

so the egg hunt starts, and lucas is shaking and investigating the first egg like he is going to check each one and see if it is worth it before he chooses another. i was like “lucas! grab the other eggs before theyre all gone, you can look at them later”  and arianna got 2,   one for each hand

i went to Target tonight. Oh how I love Target.  There is so much there that I would love to buy. Tonight’s discovery:


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