Crazy Busy February

I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed this month. There is so much going on and some things are slipping through the cracks. Here is what is bouncing around in my brain like Lucas’s rubber bouncy balls:

  • Arianna’s first birthday: Planning, finding the cheapest decorations, ordering a cake…it actually is taking a lot of online research time. I have a whole Pinterest folder for that stuff I find.
  • As part of my New Year goal of keeping the house clean, and most importantly because of the party, I’ve been doing a whole house clean which takes a lot of my time. I like having it clean.
  • Wedding: dress alterations, undergarments, accessories, hair styles, travel plans. Currently I’m calling secondhand stores trying to locate a tux for Lucas and I need to go pick up my dress down in Roswell
  • the fact that I’m going to Roswell makes me want to look into other stuff to take care of while I am there. Do they have a Goodwill because I need a new purse. I noticed a Hobby Lobby…I should make a list of stuff I need…what consignment shops are down there. Lots to figure out just to go get dress.
  • Lowes: I’m working on Lucas’s playroom. I want to paint it sparkly blue, but they didn’t have the glitter in the store or the shelving stuff I orig wanted. I had to order the glitter which they have one packet for me to go get and one that will come in in about a week. I still have a lot of shelving research to do to find what I want at a good price (it is actually really complicated!)
  • Valentines Day: I need to find a preschool valentines craft for Lucas
  • Preschool: speaking of preschool, I’ve been spending a ton of time online trying to figure out all the preschool stuff. I did get him on the list for one down the street, but I’m not sure if I’m happy with it until I go see it, plus I need to get them the paperwork. So I’ll need to go tour at least one preschool.
  • Cookies: It is cookie month at Girl Scouts (plus the regular meetings). Luckily I don’t have to do too much planning for the cookies, just the meetings. But I will have to attend a bunch of booths.

All this stuff is constantly on my mind and requires online research, phone calls, and errands. It all sounds very negative, but they are things I am excited about and enjoy doing…I just wish it wasn’t so much at once.

Here, have a random picture:

laughing together
laughing together

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