oct 22, 930pm

i kinda haven’t been around the kids much in several days, esp arianna. i came in and sat down in my office chair when she was crawling around the room. she crawled up to my chair and started being fussy, so paul picked her up and put her in her bouncer trying to give her a bottle. she didn’t want that. she crawled back out of her bouncer and back over to hang from my chair. i said “maybe she wants her mommy” and picked her up, and she got this huge happy grin on her face” she really was crawling over to see me and wanted me!! oct 22, 2012 11:45am

Watching tonight’s episode of Switched at Birth has me fearing the teenage daughter years. (“What is happening with our children!?”–Katherine) Sad thing is, for once tv drama is pretty realistic as far as teenage girls go. at least 15 years is still far off for me having to deal with a rebellious teenage girl.


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