The Great Lake Allatoona Cleanup

Today our Girl Scout troop went to The Great Lake Allatoona Cleanup, which is a big community effort to pick up trash along the shore line of Lake Allatoona. Sound boring? It wasn’t!

It began with a pontoon boat ride over the lake out to a cove where our group was dropped off.

It was very rocky; we climbed over fallen trees and driftwood and all over the place trying to find trash like a dirty Easter egg hunt. And unfortunately, we found a lot of it, including: a tire, a second tire that still had the metal wheel part inside, two hats, TWO SHOES (for those of you that know my thing about lost shoes…*I* was the one that found TWO shoes on the side of the lake), a toothbrush (??), and a ladder. 

After an hour of picking up the trash, the boat came back for us and we headed over to a park for a huge picnic. We got free food and drink and they had music playing. The girls tried yellow watermelon- something I’d never even heard of (WTG girls, trying something new).

Climbing around the rocks in the sun was some sweaty work…so what better way to cool off than go jump in the lake! We weren’t actually at a part of the lake with easy public access, but what do you expect will happen when you take a large group of kids near water in the heat?

Tina had gone off with Little Deb (her 3 year old daughter) for a few minutes. When she came back looking for us, she spotted her older daughter Heather out in the middle of the large creek running nearby. Just when she was thinking she was going to have to fuss at Heather for getting in the water, she realized we were ALL in the water, including me!!


The section everyone used to reach the water was this narrow, down hill mud bank…which I totally fell in of course. I’m 31 years old and still getting skinned knees.


We trekked out into the middle of the creek; this was a *lot* harder than it originally looked because the whole creek bed was uneven rock so finding steady footholds was hard. After a couple of slips, the girls gave up trying to stay dry and just sat down in the water. The water even swept Heather over backwards down a 6 inch waterfall like a White Water slide. In fact, some other kids were purposely riding the waves like that.

Trying to get back to land, we came up with a people chain to pass each other down the line towards the shore. “What’s gonna work? Teamwork! What’s gonna work? Teamwork!” (They were singing it).



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