lucas vocab and news

1/14 i think it’s cool that Lucas has a pretty good grasp of verb tenses. we were doing laundry, and he was carrying some clothes to the hamper. he said, “Lucas getting it.” then after he dumped them in he said, “Lucas got it.”

1/16 Lucas got his big boy bed today! paul converted Lucas’s old crib into a full-sized bed, and the mattress and box springs got delivered. so now his crib mattress gets moved to Arianna’s crib, and he gets the big bed!

a few days ago when it was storming a bunch at night, Lucas developed a fear of thunder and lightning. one night the thunder was really close and kept vibrating the house. at 6am Lucas comes to our bedroom door, duckies in tow, and when i asked him why he was out of bed he said, “Lucas scared.” so i tried to let him cuddle in my bed, but he would not stop squirming and would not stop talking. since then, he has started waking up during the night (for no reason that i can tell) and comes to the door wanting to cuddle mommy. hopefully with his new big bed he might break the trend.

the other night i was trying to get him to climb up on the potty, and he kept being all distracted. so i was going “get on the potty, get on the potty,” over and over. finally he says, “okay, Momma, quit. mommy so annoying.”


2 thoughts on “lucas vocab and news

  1. Leaving a comment here so I don’t forget; Lucas and I had a whole conversation this morning about it getting light outside, how the sun comes up and the weather. A honest conversation where I say something and he responds by asking a question. After watching those videos where he was one year old and just making squeaks, it makes you realize just how far he has come.

  2. yay i got a blog comment! i was telling mom just before i read this about a project i want to do that i read about online where you have little cut out clouds, suns, raindrops, etc and each day you observe the weather and he chooses a symbol for what the weather is that day.

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