the things lucas said and did today

“lucas has a baby in the belly”


omg lucas just did the funniest thing
he spilled milk on the kitchen floor and abby was cleaning it up. when she was done i gave lucas a paper towel and asked him if he wanted to clean up the rest. he dropped to his hands and knees and tried to lick it up off the floor like abby was

lucas is getting really good at saying pronouns like “i, yours, mine” now instead of “lucas”
altho, today he said “lucas go night night in mommy’s bed”
and i corrected him by saying, “say ‘I go night night in your bed’ “
and he replied, “no, go mommy’s bed”


it’s also funny when he corrects you about stuff. if you misunderstand what he says, he repeats it slowly and loudly at you like you’re a retard. or like when i was trying to remember the word “blades” as the parts of scissors. i was holding the scissors and said something about “what are they called” and he goes, “SCISSORS, Momma”


he also just told paul (who kept throwing a booklet i handed him on the floor that lucas kept picking back up) “don’t drop it, Dada” — using “don’t” instead of “no”


Lucas: “candy, Momma?”
me: “No, you’re already holding a cookie.”
So he flings aside the cookie as if to say, ‘now I’m not’


apparently he’s always listening even when you think he isn’t paying attention. he tonight randomly announced “mango sweet tea” which is what i order to drink at IHOP, something said with him around, but never directly to him


a mustang passed us on the road and revved its engine loudly. lucas says, “car blowing nose”

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