it’s really hard being a mom at christmas

kohl’s is having a 2 day sale on toys and a bunch of stuff, so lucas and i went there specifically to get maternity clothes and this toy i’ve been wanting to get lucas:

well we get there and they have the stack of fisher price toys on display on the floor in front of the maternity clothes i was shopping for; so while i was looking for my jeans, lucas was pulling out and looking at all the little people sets. he decided he really wanted the Discovering Vehicles at the Garage (basically a car wash). so i tried showing him the santa one next to it and asked him to choose one, but he still wanted the car wash.

talk about dilemma. i didn’t want to be like, “no you cant have the one you really want because mommy wants this one.” i couldn’t just say no he couldn’t have any, because i’d already told him before hand that we were getting one. i couldn’t buy both the same day in front of him. i couldn’t buy the car wash in front of him and then just not give it to him until xmas. soo i ended up just buying the car wash for him and not the santa set. i felt so ridiculous buying him a new toy to have and play with a few weeks before christmas and frustrated about the whole dilemma with the santa set. i think im still going to buy a santa set next week (i actually even found a better one on amazon for $7 more).

it’s really hard being a mom at christmas. i just want to buy him everything, esp since everything is on sale. and because im addicted to Little People. theyre sooo cute!



2 thoughts on “it’s really hard being a mom at christmas

  1. Seriously, just do the 12 days of Christmas presents and it’s a legit reason to buy everything! 🙂 I’m so excited about starting that tradition.

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