blow nose milk

we’re driving home and lucas in the back seat says “lucas blow nose milk” which of course didn’t make sense so i figured it was more of his random babbles

then a minute later he says it again and i look back at him…he has his straw up his nostril and was blowing out through it causing his milk to bubble up in the cup! my eyes were welling up with tears i was trying so hard not to laugh at him and further encourage it.

we got donuts at DD and he wanted mine that had the sprinkles on top, so i gave him that one. later i discovered hed eaten the donut from the top down – eating off the chocolate topping off and leaving the bottom half. he used to eat pizza sideways until i taught him that you from the point.

lately when he asks a question and we answer him, he replies with “ohh, yeah” as if he was saying “oh of course i see it now”

you don’t realize how many street signs there are along the road until your son discovers them and points out every…

i was holding the radio remote in my hand when i scratched my ear and lucas said “mommy talkin remote nana” (mommy is talking to nana on the remote like it is a phone)



brown boot on chastain road in front of mccollum airport



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