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Lucas had his 2.5 yr old doc appointment on Friday. He was 31.6lbs (68%) and 38″ tall (90%). Dr Kola said he was doing great; he also did well on his evaluation questionnaire. Usually he scores poorly in the communication section, but this time he got 6/6 of the questions.

Afterwards, we had lunch with Sarah and Shelly. Sarah gave me a toonnn of Shelly’s old clothes, so I am definitely set in the wardrobe dept for Arianna. After lunch, we went to Target so I could pick up “a few things”, half of which I now need to return Monday because I went overboard.

Saturday I took the Girl Scouts to the Bartow History Museum for a jewelry making badge workshop. It was a lot of fun. I like the workshop field trips where the organization takes the lead and I don’t have to really do anything but follow the girls around. We saw a private museum collection of jewelry ranging from 1000 yrs ago to 50 years ago, glued beads on hair barrettes, created a pendant out of stone and wire, made a Native American totem inspired pendant by drawing totem animals on wood tiles, and braided twine and ribbon together to make the necklaces. We also did a scavenger hunt in the museum to find various details in the displays. We had a new girl, Linia, join us for the trip – yay for new scouts.

Tonight we had a 31 purse party for Lauren’s 31st birthday at my house. Paul was an awesome help in helping me get the house cleaned and ready for the party. Lucas helped, too, by picking up all his toys and the baby clothes for me. I got Lauren a cake from Publix (yummm) and had a fruit tray and rice krispie treats for some snacks. Susan (Lauren’s step-mom) and Katie (Lauren’s half sister) came for the presenting, along with my mom, Jenn and her mom Judy, and Amanda and Macy. Lauren brought Ryan with her so Ryan and Lucas were running/toddling around. It was so much fun hanging out with everyone, and I ordered some really cute stuff.

color as shown
color as shown
in the pink fabric
in the pink



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