First Halloween Party

just now lucas came running in saying he was getting the step stool to take to the kitchen. after a minute i was about to get up to see what he was getting into, when he comes running back in with a granola bar in his hand that he had gotten out of the pantry. had he only been able to open the wrapper, he would have just been completely self-sufficient at getting his own snack.

thursday i felt like such a fail mom. at like 1145 i told lucas i was just going to lie down for a few minutes, and if he would be good and go play in the playroom and leave me alone for ten minutes, that i would take him to gymboree and he could wear his costume. i made it all exciting that he got to be a dragon at gymboree and all the stuff we would do there, if he would just be good and leave me alone for “just ten minutes”. well, he did as i asked and he was SO GOOD that i actually fell asleep and slept thru the first half of gymboree. i felt horrible. normally it wouldnt be a big deal except that a) id made a big deal of going before hand if he left me alone and b) if he hadn’t been so good and completely left me alone, i wouldn’t have fallen asleep. luckily we at least made it for the second half of the class, and since his party was that same night, he got to go twice.

lol he just came back in with another granola bar, and i asked him, “did you already eat the other one?” and he said “that one dragon’s” and ran off with it and said “here you go” to his toy dragon. then he came back with a third one and said “that one mommy’s” and gave me one.

thurs evening gymboree had a halloween party. all the kids wore their costumes and had a halloween themed gymboree class. they hunted for pumpkins, decorated trick-or-treat bags, ate cookies and cupcakes, and ended with a parade through kroger. kroger was having a trick-or-treat event going on where they had different stations of activities set up around the store for the kids to do and then get candy. lucas did even better than some of the older kids at the beanbag toss.


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