mmm frosty

so im watching Mentalist and a random guy on it says “stay frosty” or something like that. so of course i had to pause and drive down to wendy’s and buy a frosty. only i hadn’t been out of the house today so i was still in my nightie. i grabbed paul’s bando sweatshirt and pulled that over the top. we decided i needed pants, too, but mine were in the wash, so i went with my sparkly aqua pj pants. i grabbed my slipons (that i recently came across a mention of in my *2005* blog entry) and was ready to go.

paul looked at me and told me that i looked like the clothing monster threw up on me. he also told me not to let anyone see me or they would think i was homeless.


as an aside, Wendys burgers are disgusting


One thought on “mmm frosty

  1. Just picturing it i’m gonna have to agree with Paul. I just wish you had run out of gas or something and had to get out of the car. Did he at least take a picture??

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