lucas latests

well today we are going to give potty training a bit of a go. we got his big boy underwear in the mail last week and i put them on him just now. he is also sitting in my lap at the moment, so this could end badly.

last weekend dad built lucas this awesome thomas the train table (they retail for $200!) and brought it over. we got him a train track set and he has been loving it. thank you dad!!

he commonly says 4 word sentences now, and as always picks up new words easily and quickly. he is learning to count, “1, 2, 3, 5” and can tell you how old he is. he can identify numbers 0-9 and occasionally letters (or at least that it is a letter even if he doesn’t get the right one). he understands about taking turns and sharing pretty well. he seems to remember people now. he saw a picture of Rachel when i was scrapbooking and named her, even though he hadn’t seen her or heard her talked about in 3 or 4 months.

ive started letting him watch tv occasionally. i keep a couple eps of Thomas and Sesame St on my DVR for when i need to get him out of my hair and he actually sits there the whole time and watches it. not sure if that is good or bad.

he got his dragon costume for halloween and he actually likes wearing it (unlike the last two years). he gets to wear it to gymboree the week of halloween and also to both the gymboree halloween party and the neighborhood halloween party. we will also go trick-or-treating this year now that he is old enough. we’ll just do a few houses, though.

he hasn’t been napping for awhile now. he was really cranky yesterday so i did put him down then and he slept from 2-4, but that is the first time in like a week that we even bothered to put him in his room at naptime.

he’s inherited my ability to sniff out sweets, and found the Crunch bars i had stashed in a kitchen drawer under the towels. he spotted a cookie on my desk last night and came up with various devious measures to get at it, including asking me to go find a toy for him (that he already knew where it was) so that i would leave the desk and he could get at the cookie.

things i’m supposed to remember to write down that lucas has said over the past few weeks;

– i was heating food in the microwave and went into the office while waiting. the microwave went off and lucas ran in to find me and said, “food’s ready!”
– if you ask him who is in mommy’s tummy, he replies with “cookie monster!” (he’s not wrong)

there were at least two more of those i was supposed to remember, but of course i dont



2 thoughts on “lucas latests

  1. Such a cute little dragon! I can’t wait to go trick-or-treating with the boys. Although Ryan will probably only be half a monster because, like Lucas, he does not like the headpiece. 😦 I can’t believe Lucas can do so much stuff!!

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