i think i just stole someone’s cat

so there is a post on our community forums about someone missing a cat (but no picture). i see a cat that looks as described out by the playground so i nabbed it in case it is the missing cat. only now im really regretting it, and not just because it clawed up my face when i tried to carry it back to the house. now im all worried that it isn’t the right cat and i stole someone else’s cat. i only planned to keep it for a day and if the lady hasn’t contacted me back by then, letting it go again. a) it has a green collar on and the ad didn’t mention a collar. b) im not really comfortable keeping a strange cat in my house. it is currently locked in the guest room away from my other cats, but that could still cause all kinds of problems. c) the person’s facebook account doesn’t look frequently used, so how do i even know if she’ll get my msg anytime soon? so now i’m thinking i should just go ahead and let it go. it probably isn’t even the missing cat, i’ll probably not hear back from her for a week, and itll probably cause a bunch of issues in my house. BUT what if if i go ahead and let it go and tomorrow she is all like “omg that is my cat! you found it!”

update: paul took pix of the cat down to the house of the person, and they weren’t home. i also noticed when taking pix that the color was slightly off and so were the markings ( i didn’t see any white on its face). so, i decided it wasn’t the missing cat and released it back into the wild.

update 2: so when i tried to heard the not-missing-but-stolen cat out the backdoor, apparently Booda escaped the house. he didn’t come when i fed him at night or come out any of the times i called him. i tried looking around for him outside, but by this time it was dark. i thought abby would be able to locate him, but there was a neighborhood cat in our front yard so i couldn’t tell if booda was around as well. i finally had to give up and went to bed. this morning booda was still missing. paul suggested that i look for him with abby inside. so i went looking around the house and found him curled up in the very back corner under our front porch. as soon as he saw me he started creeping towards me, looking all around for dogs or other stray cats. he let me carry him back into the house and the second i opened the back door he lept from my arms like “omg im home!”


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