shark sighted over Boston

this is a repost from my sister from 2 weeks ago, it is soo funny:

After seeing these guys on reddit last week ( I bought one for my boyfriend’s birthday party on Friday.
they are so f***ing amazing
After playing with it for only about 10 minutes I have the bright idea of “hey, let’s bring it outside!” because yeah, it has a weight to keep it from going too high. Next thing I know I’m watching the shark fly off into the wild blue yonder as we run to the car to chase it across nearly the entire city of Malden. We repeatedly catch up to it, try and get in range with the remote, just to have a gust of wind pull it away from us again. After about half an hour of the most intense shark chase of my life, we watched our baby make its way east toward the ocean.
Anyway, just wanted you guys to know if you happened to look up and have a shark sighting over the weekend. Also, if you buy one, tether that shit if you want to take it outdoors.


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