August thus far

We got the new house!! I went to Tenn with mom to visit grandma for moms bday the first week of Aug. The closing date was set for Aug 5, but we still didn’t have bank approval and it looked like a 3rd set closing date would pass us by. This would be esp bad b/c we would lose our lower APR. Then the evening before closing we got the bank to sign off on everything. So as of Fri the 5th, we own our first house! (we ran into a couple of snags thurs night and fri morning, but it ended up all coming together).

We got the utilities set for Mon, movers set for Thurs, And started packing like crazy. Btwn paul’s work shedule and me getting sick, we barely got the rest of the house packed in time. I was still packing up until about ten mins b4 he movers arrived thurs morning. Luckily mom was around to help a ton of we wouldnt have made it.

Last night was our first night in our new home. Lucas cried for a bit but did better than expected sleeping in a strange place. It prob helped him going to TN last week and being in a strange bed there. I however slept *horribly*. At 2am I woke up in major pain all over. Massive muscle soreness in my lower back and legs from moving boxes around so much, and the worst part is that being pregnant, I can’t take ibuprofen. I took a hot bath from 3-4am to relax the muscles a little and downstairs for a bit. Paul thinks my right thigh muscle I’d strained b/c it is a LOT worse than the rest. Like severe pain all the time. I’ve been lying in bed folding laundry with a heating pad and cat stacked on my legs.

Kristie came over today to help unpack. We got nearly all the kitchen done and one box of clothes hung before I had to go to bed b/c I kept getting sick on top of everything else. The kitchen was the most urgent and most daunting, so at least we got that done.

I’m so excited to be in the new house. I’m actually having to keep turning the AC units *up* b/c the house is so well insulated I keep getting COLD. And Lauren Jake and Ryan came over last night to bring us pizza after the move. So awesome having them nearby.


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