Lights Out

It’s 1am. I’m lying bed slowly suffocating. Because the power has been out since 6 pm! I, luckily, was at Laurens all night. Poor Paul. No lights for reading, no tv, no net. I wish I’d known before I drove all the way home so I could have slept at moms or something. So yeah trying to go to sleep with nothing but an open window. No AC or fans 😦 plus it is so quiet w/o my box fan that I can hear Ashton meowing in the cat room downstairs. At least I’m so tired I’ll hopefully pass out soon anyway. G’nite.

2am. Saw what was prob two power trucks go by about 15 mins ago but still no power. It is ridiculous how loud crickets and frogs are. There is a rapid drip drip drip from the gutter onto the front porch. Ashton is jumping against the glass door & annabelle is yelling at him. I’m down on the couch now where it s cooler but less comfy. Not that it seems to matter.


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