because my IM rant just didnt feel like enough…

i’m pasting this here, too

i told my MIL last summer we needed a new roof. the longer you dont fix a roof, the worse it gets. she insisted insurance pays for a new roof. i told her that is just if something happens to it – not just it getting old. so she refused to get us a new roof
well now they came out to inspect the house for renewing her home owners insurance, and they wont renew her policy becayse they said our roof is shit and until she gets a new roof she gets no HO insurance
so first she decides she is sending random neighbor #3 over to our house to take pix of our roof in its current state for who knows what reason
and paul said “no you are not sending random neighbor #3 over at an unstated random time to disturb us”
and that i will do the picture taking
well just now the doorbell rings. this is 30 minutes after i have gotten home from errands and already put lucas to bed and changed into pjs
apparently she randomly sent people over to get an estimate for a new roof for our house that apparently we are supposed to pay for?
fuck that, im not buying a new roof for a house i dont own


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