Twas the Night After Boxing Day

And all through the house,
Every creature was stirring,
Including the mouse.

This year I got a second tree for the family room. I love decorating for Christmas!

Christmas Eve Day Paul, Lucas, Steph, and I had lunch at Dad’s. I wish we could have stayed longer, but we had to get Lucas home for his nap. we’ve tried to keep him as close to on schedule as possible despite all the festivities. stephanie came back to the house with us and hung out while i cleaned up. mom and ron came over in the evening and we had such fun opening all the presents (mom went overboard as usual). then we put together the roller coaster from dad to lucas. its a little ride-on car that goes down a ramp. funny thing was, ron got lucas a Little People ramp toy so it ended up being lucas getting to push a toy car down a ramp and then push himself down a ramp! he also got these cardboard cubes from mom that he can turn one way and stack and the other way are nesting blocks – which he finds work well as containers for random other objects as well. mom also got him a plastic tball and bat, which he played with at first, but he mostly likes to just carry around the baseball – he really likes balls – must be because of his love of throwing things at mommy. once again he ended up going to bed really late.

christmas day it snowed! my first white christmas ever! only it turns out white christmases arent totally great because it ruins all the plans, so i didnt get to see dad and steph again as planned. we had a really great day tho just the three of us! in the morning i (attempted) to make crepes on the awesome new crepe maker mom got me for christmas. then lucas and i took an afternoon nap. when we got up, i bundled the two of us up in lots of layers and we headed out to play in the snow!


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