The Culinary Institute's Latest Endeavor

so tonight i made an awesome italian frittata. i hadnt ever made one before, so i wasnt too sure how it would come out, but since i guess in a way it is essentially a breakfast item it is covered automatically in my repertoire. i had half a plate of leftovers from the other night when i made the chicken and veggies dish, so i chopped up the chicken into chunks and threw it, plus eggplant, squash, red and green peppers, onions, and tomato in. then for the heck of it i threw in a half cup of cranberries to add a little sweet to all that salty. for the egg mixture i used 6 eggs, 3 tbl milk, 1/4c shredded cheddar, and 6oz of cottage cheese, and finally topped with another 1/4 of cheddar cheese. it was quite tasty and it made enough for like 5 servings so ill get to eat all the rest of the week.

today starts week 2 of the Biggest Loser competition. mom and i both lost 3 lbs last week, so we are tied still. i guess i really need to up my game if i’m going to beat her! according to my site, i will reach my goal weight sometime btwn jan -mar of next year. oi thats a long time! hopefully Vlad Tepes and his castle on a mountain knock off a couple of pounds (assuming i can even make it to the top!) yall should start making bets on how far up the mountain i make it.

anyhow its bedtime, night night


2 thoughts on “The Culinary Institute's Latest Endeavor

  1. Wait did i read that right? *You* ate something with tomatoes?? How is a frittata cooked and what exactly is it? (Oven, skillet, microwave) Sounds like an omelet maybe? Whatever it is it sounds good so i want to know more details. Secondly, you never respond to my text messages so here are some cooking tips for you if you didn’t get them:

    1) If you’re making rice get Boil-in-a-bag kind. It is wayyyyy faster and easier and less steps/cleanup.
    2) Sweet potatoes (really good for you) and regular potatoes you can buy pre-washed and in plastic for $1. Pop them in the microwave and they’re ready in 6-8 mins. It cuts out the steps of having to wash and wrap the potatoes first, so i like it.
    3) Lima beans i already told you about. Peas and green beans are good out of the can in my opinion. I personally prefer the young and tender sweet peas (add a little butter and pepper). If you like sugar-snap peas or snow peas or whatever they’re called you can buy the green giant kind just like the lima beans. Ditto broccoli.

    Is Paul eating these yummy foods with you or is he still surviving solely on cereal? I want to hear about more of your healthy meals. Even if it’s not a big deal to make, i just need some ideas. 🙂

  2. Actually i want to hear a whole week’s meal plan. I’m going to have to start using this stuff post-baby. Or even now really…i ought to be eating healthier. I got a bag of individually-packaged chicken breasts. For several meals i’ll make a grilled chicken breast on the George Foreman, 1/2 a sweet potato and peas. It’s really yum! But i figure i’ll get sick of it since it’s literally the same thing over and over. I need to learn how to cook squash…

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