beach day 2-B

Yay lucas took a nap! We didn’t make it to lunch until 3pm because lucas finally took a nice long one. I got to eat at the crepe place and had 3 yummy crepes. Luckily it was so late for lunch that we wree the only ones there, because lucas decided to be a terror. They brought him a balloon, which he liked, but tried to eat and I thought it was going to pop in his face. Then they brought him these 4 tiny squishy balls that he had fun with until he started throwing them around and expecting us to keep picking them up. Finally mom took him to the playground they had in the shopping center while I paid. He wasn’t a fan of the playground. We tried out the swings, the slide, and this multi-level platform for climbing on, but he didn’t care for any of it…he just liked running around the plaza part.

I went in a souvineer shop and found baby sized Hilton Head tshirts. I had left my wallet outside in the stroller and handed it off to mom asking her to hold it a sec while I went out to get my wallet. Apparently the shop owner decided I was trying to steal the shirt for some reason because when I came back in and took it to the register she wasn’t at all courteous and as we walked on mom said she was following me around like I was going to steal it. I hadn’t even noticed her and thought it was weird that she would think I would steal a baby shirt after I had gone to the trouble to *not* take it out of the store.

I’m supposed to be getting ready for the pool right now, but im lounging like a bum instead. I’m soo ready to go home; I’m burned and fed up with babysitting.

We just got back from the pool. He wasn’t fond of the ocean, hated the playground, and LOVED the pool. He had sooo much fun “swimming.” He wouldn’t stay in the awesome raft thing he got for his birthday, he just wanted to be held by mommy and have mommy swirl him around. When it was time to go and we pulled him out of the water he threw a full on screaming tantrum because he didn’t want to get out. Guess we’ll start making trips to the pool when we get home.


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