jenns dinner in review

tonight i made jenns chicken with sauteed mushrooms and onions dinner. here is what i learned and my results:

– i subbed red, yellow, and green peppers in for the mushrooms because mushrooms are slimy and gross

– i’ve never cut a pepper before.i know i’ve bought them for recipes before but i guess i never cooked them and they just rotted because i had no idea what i was doing. you cannot use an apple corer on a pepper.

– my knives are very dull. this is good because at one point i missed and hit my finger and it didn’t even cut me…but it took forever to slice the veggies. these are the super expensive, cordon bleu cooking knives i inherited from lauren when she moved out of the 1960s era public housing projects back in like 01. i think i should get one of those choppy thingies i saw on an infomercial.

– use lots of excess foil for when you rip it while folding over (which i did multiple times because i kept checking on the doneness of the chicken)

– i did not use butter to cook the veggies, just PAM and i did not use lemon juice as i didnt have any. i’m not saying skip those parts, just that i did.

– the cleanup was way easier than i was expecting…it only took a sec to wash the one pan which was a major plus

– the total cook time took over an hour. 1/3rd of this is because i was taking care of a toddler. 1/3rd was because i had no idea what i was doing

– i accompanied my dinner with a salad and sweet potato fries

– the chicken came out moist for the first time ever and the veggies were quite good. i think it all turned out rather well except that i didn’t find the chicken to be very flavorful. paul thinks it is because i use prepackaged frozen chicken instead of fresh chicken si the chicken didn’t do a great job of sucking up the juices. if i knew even a tiny thing about herbs i could have seasoned it, but i don’t so i’d have probably just screwed it up.

– end conclusion: this meal was definitely easy to make since a noob like me made it and didn’t screw anything up. i think i would make it again sometime if i had a way to chop the veggies faster because i think i made it take 3x as long as it should have.


2 thoughts on “jenns dinner in review

  1. Did you *really* try to apple-core a pepper? That’s almost as good as burning soup! Did you not get any knives as wedding presents or….ever? I agree with Paul about the frozen chicken, but i think spices would have helped. Grandmom cooks with frozen chicken all the time and it’s always super yummy, but she’s a grandmom so it’s kinda a requirement. Did you thaw the chicken first or put it in there frozen? That would make a big difference too. I make Jake do all my chopping/cutting/grating because i can’t do it without severely hurting myself. The last time i grated cheese i grated half my thumb off…i still have a scar and it messed up my thumb wrinkles.

  2. yeah i did but apparently a pepper core is too big and a pepper is too squishy so it just kinda squishes down when you try to push and apple corer thru it. steph suggested i use an all seasoning spice or whatever it was called on the chicken. i thawed it half way…the center was still frozen. no i never asked for knives for the wedding or anything because, duh, i already had your super awesome ones, lol!

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