and then there was one

well im down to one cichlid. i think this one might have actually died of natural causes *gasp* since it was over 4 years old. ive been waiting for the last few to kick the bucket so i can redo the tank.i have a sick fascination with watching the frogs eat fish.

paul, lucas, and i ran errands at petsmart, michaels and the grocery store today. i’m putting lucas on the gerber diet…it’s like how jenny craig had those meal plans that were organized so that you ate healthy stuffs and hit up all the food groups each day. he has these little puff snacks that taste like applejacks or something and i sneak a couple whenever i feed them to him because they taste yummy.

when we were shopping we let lucas walk around instead of making him ride in the cart so he followed us around the stores. we also showed him the fish tanks at petsmart.

this post darn well better show up in people’s email addies now that i installed that app.


2 thoughts on “and then there was one

  1. I’m still amazed that the kittens can scale an entire pantry shelf to get to poptarts but they haven’t figured out how to eat the fish. Maybe i should go on the Gerber diet so that i’ll eat better and baby will already have a taste for baby food…

  2. I got no email. Of course, I may not be on this fabled email list you speak of. If I am not, will you add me please? And if it’s that link thing that says [Un]Subscribe to Posts, I’m not so sure that it’s actually doing anything. It’s taking me to the About Ally page and there’s no little message saying I got added to any fabled email list.

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