baby food is kinda yum

maybe i should start eating it myself. so last month i looked up a baby feeding chart to see how much lucas should be eating and i was shocked at how much baby food he was supposed to be getting ( we were still feeding him nearly all formula with a jar of baby food around every other day). so we majorly amped up his solids and this week i started adding stage 2 foods – instead of it being just applesauce, he has vanilla applesauce mixed with a little grain. it pretty much tastes like flavored sweet applesauce and is pretty darn good. lucas loves his fruits but still isn’t too keen on veggies. he’ll get half way thru a veggie jar and then clamp up and won’t take more bites until you switch to fruit. if you keep shoving peas in, he’ll get mad at you and kinda cry angrily (he has also started getting grumpy if you take a “toy”). the downside is he now poops 2-3 times a day instead of once a day plus it takes forever to feed him because he is all ADD about it and tries to look at everything and grab everything while being fed. we sit him up in his bumbo chair with a little bumbo tray to feed him. it’s easier than the high chair and the bumbo can be put on any surface next to you…desk…futon.

today i put up a large baby superyard (jail, pen, whatever you want to call it) because now that he learned to crawl, he’s only interested in grabbing stuff he isn’t supposed to grab rather than his toys. he didn’t seem to mind being in it and just crawled around playing with toys and watching tv.

ever since he learned to sit up at the en of Nov, we’ve been able to put him in high chairs at restaurants and in the shopping carts (end of dec) instead of toting the carrier or trying to push the stroller + buggy.

i’m loving my new craft desk. i really need to take down the christmas tree…some day


3 thoughts on “baby food is kinda yum

  1. You still have your Christmas tree up?! I thought paul took it down? If i were a baby i wouldn’t eat veggies either.

  2. no i wouldnt let paul take it down – i made him stop. and yes it is still up – maybe itll make a good birthday decoration

    no i havent tried it but lucas doesnt like it

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