my list of random thoughts, rants, and blabs

this will require a couple of days thought probably, but i’ll start it off

#1 QT has crappy coke – they must not mix it right or something
#2 the reason jake couldnt find any white lights was because they are all at my walmart and yall got all the colored ones….and if you ever need a zillion blue – swing on by acworth . i mean seriously, blue? it’s not even a xmas color

jan update:
#3 there is a billboard outside cartersville advertising tombstones are on sale. do you think i should buy one? i mean ya know everyone is gonna need one, they don’t expire, and might as well get it while they’re cheap!
#4 one of those stand up signs warning of a wet floor was off the side of the road today where some water and ice had collected in a little gully.
#5 i hate the cold.


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