walmart is ruining xmas!

UGH. so first i find out that i have to get a new tree so i didnt get my tree put up until *Dec 16th* (only 2 weeks before xmas!!). then i go to walmart (in the middle of the night to avoid people, i really dont like going to walmart to begin with) and they don’t have any normal colored lights. just boxes and boxes of blue. are there really *that* many people that have blue trees? the one single multi box i found was not enough to cover the tree, so i started over today and went to a different walmart by the mall where i bought a 400 count set of multi lights. i open it tonight to put them on the tree, and they are white instead of green. ungh. so now im heading out to target in hopes that THEY actually have NORMAL xmas lights so i can finally decorate my tree!

update: so i went to target to get more lights. the lights ended up costing me $180 because i love target (so much pleasanter shopping there than at walmart) and found a ton more little gifts for everyone. i think i might be having trouble finding xmas lights because it seems that the thing to get now are the LED lights. target didn’t even seem to have the regular kind, just the LED ones. so i bought multi-colored, green wired LED lights. i dont like them. they are super bright like outdoor lights or something. it’s just too overwhelming. my favorite ones ever i got at walmart a few years ago where each bulb is two colors. splitting the bulbs in half like that actually make them even less bright than the regular ones and i think those are the prettiest because it gives the tree a subtle twinkley color instead of looking like youre hanging traffic lights from your tree. i think the blue bulbs are the worst ones so im thinking about getting an additional strand of clear and replaceing all the blue bulbs with white to tone it all down. for this year tho the tree is staying as is because im fed up. it’s one week till xmas and the tree is just now getting up and decorated. hopefully all the ornaments will distract from the bulbs.


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