Forgotten Soldiers

Yesterday I volunteered to man the Forgotten Soldiers booth at the Battle of the Bands fest at Harley Davidson. It was a motorcycle show + live rock bands + vendors in tents selling stuff. We (the founder lady and I) had a booth where you could donate money to send care packages to the soldiers overseas, cards to write notes to the soldiers, and coloring pages for the kids to color and send. It was a really pretty day and I sat outside listening to music and reading my scrapbooking book in between people walking by. Unfortunately, sitting in the sun for two hours left me with a semi-dark burn.


2 thoughts on “Forgotten Soldiers

  1. That’s really cool! How’d you get involved with Forgotten Soldiers/Battle of the Bands? Do you know the founder lady or something? Were any of the bands good?

  2. I signed up online for a couple of soldier outreach programs where u send care packages and such. i used to do it a lot more B.L.E. (like B.C.E.)a couple bands just covered southern rock hits, but there was one that i liked but have no idea who they were.

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